The Tale of Two Earths

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Today, I'm discussing my experiences with dimensions shifting and what I like to call the tale of 2 Earths.

This started 6 months ago in January 2021 in which I started to experience the energies of 2 different Earths. Like there was a mirror - or more accurately, one of those two-way mirrors used in interrogation rooms - where I could see others around me going about their day but in which I felt - and knew - that we were in different dimensions on different Earths.

The Earth definitely is separating in an effort to evolve consciousness and it definitely feels like there are 2 different Earths - even though I know that in terms of multidimensionality there are many upon many Earths - but there are definitely 2 very distinct ones now.

People living on one or the other as consciousness evolves and humanity is asked as a Collective to move through the Collective Shadow and to awaken to a Higher Consciousness which is available to us all - but a path which not everyone will choose. There are many who are happy to stay in the lower vibrational frequency of "old" Earth - unbeknownst to them that there is another way to be - but who have become to engrossed in lower frequency energies such as fear, suffering and trauma.

There is another way. The shadow is a glitch. We are all Sovereign Beings who are being asked to remember our Divine Truth. But in most cases, it means taking the road less travelled. Venturing into the unknown to leave the old behind - the old ways of humanity - the shadow, the trauma, the pain and suffering - in order to move forwards into a higher state of consciousness.

And so we have the 2 Earths. The old - and the new.

Have you experienced this dimension shifting? The splitting of the Earth? In which you feel like you are viewing the world around you through a 2 way mirror? I'd love to hear your experiences!


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Where Light is our Frequency.

As an Earth Angel & Spiritual Warrior, I am fiercely protective of Humanity and know that there simply is a better way to be beyond this False Matrix.

I am determined in my Spiritual Purpose to expand Consciousness, raise the Frequency of the planet & to repair the Divine Blueprint of Humanity.

I am not for the faint of heart or those seeking quick-fix solutions to your current state of Being.

I am the ultimate Mirror to your purest, most Divine & Authentic Self - showing you the good, the bad & the pure fucking ugly sides of Human Consciousness - to help you SEE yourself in a way you’ve never been seen before as I activate you into your Highest Potential Self through the Frequency of Truth in way that is unique to me.

I am the ultimate Awakener, Activator & Liberator.

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I experienced a powerful Spiritual Awakening in 2017 at the age of 37 which became the catalyst for my entire life shifting direction.

At the time of my Spiritual Awakening, I was living a “regular” life.

I was married, had a young daughter & was employed - but I always felt like something was missing from my life.

In all honesty, I felt lost.

In June 2018, I literally tore my entire life down as I took a massive leap of faith into the Unknown - and so began my Spiritual Initiation as a Shamanic High Priestess and a powerful journey to remember who I am.

My mum had just been diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time, my job contract ended the next day and 4 weeks later - I ended my marriage.

In the space of 4 weeks, I became a single mother to a then 3 year old daughter, with no job, no money, no savings and a lot of debt.

The only thing I did have was a powerful vision for a better way, a thirst for Freedom, a determination to succeed no matter what it took & a deep desire to serve Humanity.

I had faith in the Unknown - deep, deep faith - and no matter what I experienced - no matter the amount of shit I went through, the pain, the purging, the healing, the transformation, the rebirths - I had - and continue to have - faith.

I had awakened a version of myself that had been dormant for too long, awakening powerful Spiritual Gifts & Purpose.

I was shown the vision of who I was always meant to be and how I was meant to serve Humanity through my Spiritual Gifts, Authenticity, Leadership & Divinity.

For so long, I’d felt lost, alone & had experienced bouts of depression over the years because I  hadn’t been living authentically.

I had felt suffocated in this life with the noose of conformity.

Finally, I felt free to be myself.

To rebel against the status quo.

And so began the long journey of Inner Healing, Self-Transformation, Remembrance & reclaiming my Power.

I awakened my Inner Dragoness and with it - a powerful vision for Impact, Influence & Innovation to bring about powerful Transformation through raising the vibration of the planet, healing Humanity’s Darkness, awakening the Light within others & expanding Consciousness.


When I am not busy healing Humanity and changing people’s lives, I am a single mother to a fiercely rebellious daughter (like mother like daughter!) and we live in the UK with our ginger cat, Pudding - the Queen.

I hold a Degree in French & Italian and I love to travel, experience different cultures & dabble in other languages with the locals.

I am a Writer, Motivational Speaker & Thought Leader who loves to challenge the status quo - to be an anomaly in a world of conformity - as I channel powerful Ancient Wisdom & Galactic Consciousness to help elevate Humanity into a new Golden Age of Consciousness.

I communicate daily with my Spiritual Team of Angels, Guides, Dragons, Ancestors, Higher Dimensional Beings & God - and I love astral travel, dimension jump, shift timelines, read Tarot, study Astrology & immerse myself in Occult Wisdom.

Oh, and drink copious amounts of Yorkshire Tea. Because - well, why not?!

I love to dive down many rabbit holes on my perpetual Quest for Truth, Knowledge & Wisdom.

I am a complete Alien to this realm and I love being the anomaly as I bring a powerful breath of fresh air to the world through my unique Perspective, Authenticity & Frequency.

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The Tale of Two Earths
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