Welcome to the podcast with Leanne Juliette - a powerful Catalyst, Disruptor, Shamanic High Priestess, Pioneering Healer, Medicine Woman & Channel for Galactic Consciousness.

Journey with me through the Realms of Disruptive Consciousness, Higher Frequency Consciousness, Multidimensionality, High Magic and powerful fucking Truth as I explore the darker aspects of the Human Psyche as a Bridge between the Unconscious and the Conscious to facilitate powerful Truth, Expansion, Freedom, Liberation & Revolutionary Transformation across all areas of your life.



Powerfully disruptive.

Pure fucking fire.

A complete anomaly in the Realm of Consciousness itself as I bring potent Truth to you that is designed to disrupt your Consciousness and expand you into a Higher Frequency Consciousness.

Come play in The Beyond with me.

Where Truth is Medicine.

Where we make the impossible, possible.


You can discover more about working deeper with me by visiting at: https://www.leannejuliette.com.

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Today I'm talking about Disruptors.The Frequency of a Disruptor, who we are, why we disrupt and what it truly means to BE a Disruptor.There are Disruptors in all diffe...

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| 51 | The Game of Consciousness

The Game of Consciousness is the game we come to play when we incarnate into this 3D Realm. We are the Avatars of our Highest Consciousness having a Human Experience a...

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