Welcome to the podcast with your host, Leanne Juliette, Pioneer of Consciousness, Medicine Woman & Shamanic High Priestess.

This podcast is dedicated to those seeking powerful Self-Transformation, Healing, Regeneration & Freedom through Truth.

Potent fucking Truth.

Self-Transformation in the most nonsensical & illogical manner - because this is the Realm of High Magick.

Where there are no rules & no limitations.

Where we ARE the Creators of the Universe.

I am a Shamanic High Priestess and a powerful Catalyst for Destruction & Creation Energetics.

A bridge between dimensions.

One who plays in the dark, murky depths of the psyche and the Hidden Realms of the Shadows and who also swims with the stars in the Cosmos.

A Galactic Channel.

A Pioneer for Revolutionary Transformation & Disruptive Consciousness.

A practitioner of Dragon Medicine, Multidimensional Healing, Mysticism, Magick & Quantum Energetics.

Dis-spelling Illusion wherever I go - seeing beyond the Veil of Illusion - and bringing Truth to the surface.

My Truth is Medicine to your Soul.

Powerful, disruptive & highly fucking activating Truth which penetrates the Shadows & the Illusions and invites you to step into your Higher Consciousness with me.

Back to your Divine Truth.

This podcast is here to DISRUPT you. To take you on a deeply shamanic journey with me into Magick, Mysticism, Multidimensionality and the Hidden Realms of the Shadows.

To expand your Consciousness by disrupting it.

Welcome to the podcast, Cosmic Souls, I’m excited to journey with you!


You can discover more about working deeper with Leanne Juliette at: https://www.leannejuliette.com or check out the Disruptive Consciousness Mystery School at: https://www.disruptiveconsciousness.com.

You are also invited to join the free Telegram group for Leanne Juliette's community - Mystical Musings - here: https://t.me/+i1GigQ2XEk5kM2U0

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