Leanne Juliette is a Powerful Catalyst for Revolutionary Transformation, a Pioneering Multidimensional Spiritual Healer, Divine Power Activator, Shamanic High Priestess & Pioneer of Disruptive Consciousness.

A Consciousness Powerhouse.

She is pure fire, liquid gold and no-nonsense when it comes to awakening, activating and accelerating Higher Frequency Consciousness through her powerful Medicine of Truth & her unique Frequency of Disruptive Consciousness.

She is a complete anomaly in the Realm of Consciousness - one who is lightyears ahead of other Spiritual Teachers and who sits on the cutting-edge of Consciousness itself. She is a powerful Bridge between the Physical & the Spiritual Realms and channels Higher Frequency Consciousness & Divine Wisdom that land perfectly in your body & Psyche to activate you into your own Divine Power - beyond anything you thought possible.

She is a gifted Psychic, Intuitive, Divine Channel, Oracle, Seer & Shamanic Alchemist who works predominantly with Multidimensional Consciousness where she acts as a Portal to the Hidden Realms of your Unconscious Psyche as she disrupts, dis-spells & dismantles Illusion stored within your Energetic Body to alchemize it into Pure Truth & Divine Power.

She is Divine Purification, Pure Angelic Fire & Raw Divine Power.

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Remember Who The Fuck You Are & Play This Game of Consciousness

It's time to remember who the fuck you are. To awaken to the fact that you are an Infinite Being of Divine Consciousness having a human experience.We're here to play t...

Rebirthing Your New Identity & Stepping Into A Higher Frequency Version of You

The point of Rebirth and Spiritual Awakenings is to awaken yourself to a Higher Frequency Identity.To shed layers of your Identity that are no longer in alignment with...

The Age of Truth & The Call To Be Our Most Authentic Divine Self

I've recently been through another level of Spiritual Awakening that has activated a more powerful drive within me to bring more Truth to the world and to activate oth...

Our Divine Blueprint Is Love, Peace & Truth - So Why The Fuck Do Humans Create Wars or Feel The Need To Just Murder For The Sake Of It??

My heart breaks for Gaza.I'm horrified by humanity right now and the sadistic fuckers in positions of power who will murder innocents without any empathy, compassion, ...

Grief for Gaza and How Humanity Feels So Broken Right Now

I'm being raw and real in this episode as I discuss the grief I've been feeling for the Palestinian people and those in Gaza experiencing a really fucking obvious geno...

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