Welcome to the new wave of Disruptive Consciousness with Shamanic High Priestess & Dispeller of Illusion, Leanne Juliette. As a powerful Catalyst & Galactic Channel for Revolutionary Transformation, my energy and Truth are unrivalled.

I am a Pioneer & Maverick for revolutionary shifts in Consciousness. As such, I activate powerful multidimensional energetic shifts within all those who come into contact with me.

Reinvigorating you. Expanding you. Liberating you. Activating you. Accelerating consciousness.

My Truth & Energy are direct.

I play in the Hidden Realms of the Unconscious - the Shadow - and love nothing more than taking you on a journey into the deepest, darkest depths of your psyche as we dive into the depths together whilst I also invite you to come fly with me in the Cosmos.

Known as a Heyoka, you will find me intriguing, activating, playful, quirky, controversial and refreshingly different as I hold a Mirror up to you to dispel all illusion & activate Truth.

This podcast is a place for me to discuss ALL THE THINGS that light me up to create radical & revolutionary energetic shifts within you - Transformation, Consciousness, Astrology, Multidimensionality, Shadow, The Multidimensional Shadow, Alien Empires, Entrepreneurship - along with dispelling illusion in all areas I'm called to inject my energy into to call through & activate Truth.

You can discover more about Leanne Juliette at: https://www.leannejuliette.com

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