Leanne Juliette is a Powerful Catalyst for Revolutionary Transformation, a Pioneering Multidimensional Spiritual Healer, Divine Power Activator, Shamanic High Priestess & Pioneer of Disruptive Consciousness.

A Consciousness Powerhouse.

She is pure fire, liquid gold and no-nonsense when it comes to awakening, activating and accelerating Higher Frequency Consciousness through her powerful Medicine of Truth & her unique Frequency of Disruptive Consciousness.

She is a complete anomaly in the Realm of Consciousness - one who is lightyears ahead of other Spiritual Teachers and who sits on the cutting-edge of Consciousness itself. She is a powerful Bridge between the Physical & the Spiritual Realms and channels Higher Frequency Consciousness & Divine Wisdom that land perfectly in your body & Psyche to activate you into your own Divine Power - beyond anything you thought possible.

She is a gifted Psychic, Intuitive, Divine Channel, Oracle, Seer & Shamanic Alchemist who works predominantly with Multidimensional Consciousness where she acts as a Portal to the Hidden Realms of your Unconscious Psyche as she disrupts, dis-spells & dismantles Illusion stored within your Energetic Body to alchemize it into Pure Truth & Divine Power.

She is Divine Purification, Pure Angelic Fire & Raw Divine Power.

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The Tale of Two Earths

Today, I'm discussing my experiences with dimensions shifting and what I like to call the tale of 2 Earths.This started 6 months ago in January 2021 in which I started...

Act In The Now & Seize Opportunities In The Now

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Multidimensional Consciousness & The Shadow

In this episode, I'm discussing what Multidimensional Consciousness is and how this relates to The Shadow.Shadow is part and parcel of the work I do in this lifetime.M...

How Have You Integrated The Energetics of Disruption Into Your Life 1 Year On From Lockdowns

As I record this on 12th March 2021, the 1 year anniversary of the UK's first COVID lockdown is creeping up - the 16th March.(I know my listeners are from all over the...

What Is Multidimensionality & The Concept of Parallel Lives

What Is Multidimensionality & The Concept of Parallel Lives?In this episode, I'm talking about what is Multidimensionality & exploring the concept of parallel lives (n...

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