| 53 | Journey With Me Through This Powerful Activation & Meditation within The Void

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This podcast episode is something very different to my usual talking podcasts. This is an invitation to journey with me through The Void within this Meditation and to receive an Activation into your limitless potential.

This Activation is a Meditation that is fully channelled to create a shift within you, to activate you, to recalibrate DNA and to purify you energetically by releasing aspects of your Multidimensional Self that do not serve your Highest Potential and that are no longer in alignment with the Truth of You.

To release aspects from you (beliefs, situations, experiences, memories, patterns, people, thoughts, ailments etc) that are not in alignment with your most Divine Self & Divine Truth - both from this lifetime, from other lifetimes and ancestrally.

To burn through your energy and ignite a powerful expansion within you as you step into The Void with me - the vast, limitless Void where we embrace the Unknown and where everything - and yet nothing - exist simultaneously.

IMPORTANT: Please do not listen to this or do this exercise whilst driving or operating machinery. Please ensure you are somewhere where you can relax and experience the energy.


I would love to know how you experienced this energy and what came up for you to release - either leave a review on iTunes or send an email directly to me at leanne@leannejuliette.com


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Leanne Juliette is a Shamanic High Priestess, Pioneering Healer, Disruptor & Powerful Catalyst for Revolutionary Self-Transformation & Pioneering Healing which creates a tsunami effect of Freedom, Expansion, Self-Evolution & Illumination across all areas of your life.

She is the Creator of and Pioneer for Disruptive Consciousness - a pioneering Higher Dimensional Consciousness movement & philosophy aimed at disrupting the Illusion of who we think we are to activate the Truth of who we really are in our Highest Frequency Consciousness State aka our God Self.

She is a Shamanic Guide for those undergoing a Spiritual Death & Rebirth and her unique Magic is focussed around Destruction & Creation Energetics.

Focussing on powerful Self-Transformation, Regeneration & Healing at the Energetic Root - in the most illogical & nonsensical manner - this is High Magic.

Her Medicine is Truth.


Leanne Juliette's Medicine is powerful, direct and potently activating Truth which goes to the ENERGETIC ROOT of who you are as a Divine Being - Multidimensionally - thus creating a Tsunami Effect of Revolutionary Transformation, Quantum Healing & Higher Dimensional Consciousness Activations within you - instantaneously.
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| 53 | Journey With Me Through This Powerful Activation & Meditation within The Void
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