| 51 | The Game of Consciousness

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The Game of Consciousness is the game we come to play when we incarnate into this 3D Realm. We are the Avatars of our Highest Consciousness having a Human Experience as the Universe - God - itself.

In this episode, I'm discussing the way I see Consciousness & Dimensions and how we play in this Realm as our own unique Avatars which are fractals of our Highest Consciousness & our most Divine Self.

Come on a journey with me into Consciousness itself!


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Leanne Juliette is a Shamanic High Priestess, Pioneering Healer, Disruptor & Powerful Catalyst for Revolutionary Self-Transformation & Healing which creates a tsunami effect of Freedom, Expansion, Self-Evolution & Illumination across all areas of your life.

She is the Creator of and Pioneer for Disruptive Consciousness - a pioneering Higher Dimensional Consciousness movement & philosophy aimed at disrupting the Illusion of who we think we are to activate the Truth of who we really are in our Highest Frequency Consciousness State aka our God Self.

She is a Shamanic Guide for those undergoing a Spiritual Death & Rebirth and her unique Magic is focussed around Destruction & Creation Energetics.

Focussing on powerful Self-Transformation, Regeneration & Healing at the Energetic Root - in the most illogical & nonsensical manner - this is High Magic.

Her Medicine is Truth.


Leanne Juliette's Medicine is powerful, direct and potently activating Truth which goes to the ENERGETIC ROOT of who you are as a Divine Being - Multidimensionally - thus creating a Tsunami Effect of Revolutionary Transformation, Quantum Healing & Higher Dimensional Consciousness Activations within you - instantaneously.
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| 51 | The Game of Consciousness
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