| 32 | Unpacking Illusion In The World, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces and Why Humanity Is Shifting To Unplug From The Programmed Matrix System

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Well this was fiery!!! In this episode I'm unpacking some epic illusion! If you're easily triggered by the Truth being shown to you, this isn't for you. I'm unpacking a lot of illusion in the world in this episode including how humanity is plugged into a programmed Matrix System and why we're energetically shifting from this programming. Lots to digest in this episode!
Yep, I'm definitely back after a 5 month hiatus from pretty much recording any content! I've been unpacking a lot in my life, unhooking from a lot and going deeper down my own rabbit hole to explore my own darker depths and the illusions I was still holding onto.

In this episode, I'm unpacking a lot of illusion about the world, about the Matrix System humanity is plugged into, the Earth School we came here for and the enslavement we find ourselves in through the programming, conditioning and indoctrination of humanity.

If you're easily offended or triggered by truths that are hard to digest, I'm most likely not the person for you to listen to. However, if you're on a journey of self-exploration to reawaken your true identity and truth...listen on!

I've been unpacking a lot in my life and the direction I've been wanting to take both my life and my business - this has called for a lot of time alone, a lot of time not doing but being and a lot of time spent just allowing myself to be myself.

Fully me.

As a Heyoka & a Catalyst, I am someone who will show you a different perspective. Who holds the mirror up to you to see your Truth and to see the deepest, darkest depths of who you are.

You can either choose to look into the mirror or hide from it.

So, in this episode I'm channelling and riffing on a number of things. Just allowing myself to speak freely - as me - without judgement from myself as to whether it's "too much" or "too out there" or "too triggering".

I'm fully aware of the energy I bring to people. Of the fire I hold within me and of the ability to activate the deepest, darkest shadow & illusion within someone.

I make no apology for that - I am a Catalyst.

An Activator. An Awakener. An Accelerator.

A Mirror.

I'm unpacking a lot in this episode and my ultimate aim is to show you how humanity is disconnected from our Divinity - our Divine Consciousness - and how we've become enslaved in a programmed system and how we can break free of this in order to come back to our true identity and individuality.

Happy listening!


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| 32 | Unpacking Illusion In The World, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces and Why Humanity Is Shifting To Unplug From The Programmed Matrix System
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