| 23 | What Is Multidimensionality & The Concept of Parallel Lives

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What Is Multidimensionality & The Concept of Parallel Lives
What Is Multidimensionality & The Concept of Parallel Lives?

In this lastest episode of The Evolved Consciousness Podcast, I'm talking about what is Multidimensionality & exploring the concept of parallel lives (note: not past lives, but parallel lives or simultaneous lives - there's a difference between our understanding of past lives and parallel lives) within the Multiverse. This is from a video I recorded for YouTube but wanted to share the audio here too cos its soooooooo good!

In this episode, I'm going full on geek mode with something that I LOVE to speak on...which is Multidimensionality!

Funny Side Note: This audio may glitch a few times when you're listening to it - as I was recording the video it was freezing on me a few times (and this camera has never done that before) which made me laugh as technology does that when I'm doing extreme channelling and working with Higher Dimensional Beings, my Higher Self and Multidimensional Consciousness! Usually it's a sign that the energies are loving what I'm saying in that moment so take extra note of what I'm saying when it does glitch LOL. 

I love to discuss Multidimensionality as we are in a period of humanity's current consciousness where we are ready to evolve beyond our current 3D construct. As such, in this video my aim is to help you understand what Multidimensionality is and also how to access the other ascepts of your Multidimensional Self through your soul's consciousness.

When you think about the desires you have for your life - the vision you have for your life - this is because an aspect of your consciousness is living that life right now in another reality - another timeline - and you're able to tune into those desires and that vision because - somewhere - it already exists and an aspect of your consciousness is already living that life.

Time is an illusion. It is a concept developed by human's in order to understand the world around us. However, everything is happening at once - simultaneously - past, present and future. Within the NOW.

As I love to dive into Multidimensionality and it's a subject very very close to my soul's truth and what I'm here to explore within the world and with my clients, I'll be exploring this in more detail on the show on a variety of areas.

Happy listening!


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| 23 | What Is Multidimensionality & The Concept of Parallel Lives
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